(c) 1998 by Pieter Simoons

If you don't know what a roleplaying game is, find somebody to explain it to you, because that's hard to do on a couple of lines of text here. I can recommend trying one to everybody; in my experience most people like them. So, that's what Simplex is - a roleplaying game. It was originally written in Dutch but there's an English translation here. The aims of Simplex are simplicity, realism, and development. As with all roleplaying games, it also calls for fantasy and improvisation.

Simplicity - the number of rules and amount of dice rolling is kept to a minimum. This simplicity also accounts for the great flexibility of the system. All rules work more or less the same, so it should be easy for beginners to understand. Character creation is easy even for those who never played a roleplaying game before.
Realism - the world is one of fantasy and magic, but within those limits it's supposed to be realistic. This means the rules should be balanced, and that logical things happen. This also means that combat is very lethal, as you're not likely to survive half a dozen of sword hits.
Development - your character starts out weak but gets the option of improving every session by gaining experience. I've noticed my players looking ahead to see what they were going to specialize in next time. They are also encouraged to be creative, as they can add own inventions of skills, traits, spells or equipment to the game at any point.

The system does call for a slightly experienced GM (game master) because he will have to improvise to fill in some details. The system only explains how one succeeds in a 'difficult' task, not exactly which tasks are considered difficult. If you want detailed rules on the percentile chance of hitting a ten point seventy-three yard dragon on the left front teeth with a massive steel axe, you should take another system.
Thanks to Anata, Bruth, Eelke, Fey, Grumpf, Gwaeron, Joris, Las, Lyth, Mar, Marcus, Marijke, Martijn, Martin, Molly, Mieke, Paul and Sauli for testing.
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