Going shopping
Going on an adventure without necessary equipment would be insane. Luckily you can obtain useful tools in most villages and cities. Unless your background indicates otherwise (you might be very poor or rich), you start with fifty gold pieces with which you can buy whatever you think is useful. The tables below give a number of examples, but as usual you can take weird stuff with you if you want it.
The gold pieces you'll be given are in a local currency. Don't expect them to be worth much in other countries, unless you find a smith to melt them down. Most countries have silver pieces, ten of which are worth a gold piece. Also you can buy gems if you have so much gold it becomes a burden. All prices below are in gold pieces, by the way.
If your strength is below average, you should consider the fact that you're unable to carry much with you. Maybe you should buy a mule or horse to carry your stuff. While carrying heavy or bulky objects, such as a corpse, you should get a temporary but severe drop in your agility.

Magical items
For certain weapons and tools, magical variations are known. Examples include an axe that never needs sharpening, lamps that can't be extinguished, rings that make you invisible, flying carpets, staffs that shoot fireballs, etc. Your character won't start with magical items, but with a bit of luck you'll be able to find some in your adventures.
Somebody with a high rank in empathy, or some knowledge of Arcanus, can recognize magical items as such. It's a small matter for him to find out what kind of discipline the item uses. With some experimenting you should be able to figure out what exactly the item does; most are activated by a certain motion or word or sound, and in general the item's method of activation is related to its function.
A permanent magical item must contain a gem of sorts, which is used as a focus to retain the magical powers. Be careful with them, because if you should be clumsy enough to break the focus gem, it will release all its magical energy in a short magical burst with unpredictable and potentially dangerous results.
Melee weapons Price Damage Remarks
Battle axe 5 1d4+2
Club, wood 0 1d2
Club, metal 5 1d4
Halberd 10 1d4+2
Lance 10 1d4+1
Long sword 20 1d4+2
Morning star 10 1d6
Pick 8 1d4+2
Quarterstaff 1 1d4
Short sword 10 1d3+1
Trident 15 1d6
Twohanded axe 25 1d4+4 Attack -2
Twohanded sword 50 1d6+2 Attack -1
Warhammer 2 1d4
Whip 1 1
Unarmed 0 1

Missile weapons Price Damage Range Remarks
Blowgun 5 1 20
Crossbow 35 1d4 120 Attack +2
Dagger 2 1d2 20 Also in melee
Longbow 75 1d6 140
Short bow 30 1d4 100
Sling 1 1d2 80
Spear 1 1d6 20 Also in melee
Throwing axe 1 1d4 20 Also in melee

Armor Price Defense Remarks
Chain mail 75 +3 +1 absorption
Large shield 8 +2 Skill required
Leather armor 5 +1
Metal armor 25 +2
Plate mail 400 +4 +2 absorptie
Small shield 3 +1 Skill required
Sturdy clothes 1 +0
Thin clothes 0 1

Miscellaneous Price Remarks
Arrows 1 per ten
Crossbow bolts 1 Per ten
Hourglass 3
Ink bottle 1
Lantern 3
Lamp oil 1 per liter
Mirror 5
Parchment 1 per ten
Quill 0
Rope 1 10 meter, heavy!
Signal whistle 2
Signet ring 3
Tinderbox 1
Warm blanket 1
Water clock 900
Waterskin 0