Skills and traits
This is a long list which should give you some ideas for which skills your character can take. This list is by no means exhaustive, feel free to add your own skills (although I'd like to hear about them so that I can add them, too). No explanations are given or needed for the skills, the GM determines what you can do with them.
Traits are also on this list, written as (T +3) or (T -4). The first is a positive trait and thus costs points, the second is a negative trait and thus gives you extra points. These point values are still up to much debate, I think that most of the negative traits need to be worth more points. If a star * is given next to the rating, that means the rating can vary. For instance, allergy is -1*, which means that a light allergy or an allergy for something exotic would be -1, but a severe allergy for a common substance could be as much as -5.
Absent minded (T -3)
Acrobatics (Agi)
Acting (Cha)
Adaptation (Int)
Addiction (T -2*)
Administration (Int)
Agriculture (Int)
Alchemy (Kno)
Alcohol tolerance (End)
Allergy (T -1*)
Ambidextrous (T +3)
Anatomy (Kno)
Animal behaviour (Kno)
Animal bond (T +2*)
Animal care (Kno)
Animal handling (Emp)
Animal lore (Kno)
Animal training (Psu)
Appraisal (Pcp)
Arcane lore (Know)
Archery (Pcp)
Architecture (Kno)
Area knowledge (Kno)
Armorer (Kno)
Art appreciation (Pcp)
Assume identity (Psu)
Astrology (Kno)
Astronomy (Kno)
Attentive (Pcp)
Aura detection (Emp)
Axe fighting (Agi)
Bad luck (T -10)
Balance (Agi)
Bargaining (Psu)
Beerbrewing (Kno)
Begging (Cha)
Blackouts (T -4)
Blacksmith (Str)
Blending with crowds (Cha)
Blind fighting (Pcp)
Blindness (T -10)
Bloodthirsty (T -4)
Blowgun (Pcp)
Bluff (Cha)
Boating (Dex)
Bow (Pcp)
Bragging (Psu)
Brawl (Str)
Breaking and entering (Dex)
Bribe (Cha)
Bureaucracy (Psu)
Business (Int)
Calming (Psu)
Camouflage (Int)
Canoeing (Dex)
Carpentry (Dex)
Cartography (Pcp)
Catching (Ref)
Charioteering (Agi)
Cheating (Dex)
City lore (Kno)
Climbing (Agi)
Club fighting (Agi)
Cocktails (Kno)
Code of honor (T -4*)
Cold resistance (End)
Color blindness (T -2)
Compulsion (T -2*)
Con (Psu)
Concentration (Wil)
Construction (Dex)
Contacts (T +2*)
Cooking (Kno)
Craftmanship (Dex)
Creativity (Int)
Cripple (T -10)
Crossbow (Pcp)
Cryptography (Int)
Culture (Kno)
Cursed (T -3*)
Customs (Kno)
Dagger fighting (Agi)
Dagger throwing (Pcp)
Dance (Agi)
Danger sense (Emp)
Deafness (T -5)
Deathwish (T -8)
Depressive (T -2)
Detect noise (Pcp)
Diplomacy (Psu)
Direction sense (Emp)
Disarm (Agi)
Discussion (Psu)
Disease resistance (End)
Disguise (Int)
Dividing attention (Int)
Diving (End)
Dodge (Ref)
Eidetic memory (Kno)
Enemy (T -2*)
Engineer (Kno)
Entertainer (Cha)
Escapisme (Dex)
Etiquette (Kno)
Expression (Int)
Falling (Agi)
Fame (T +2*)
Fanatic (T -2*)
Far sight (Pcp)
Farming (Kno)
Fast talk (Psu)
Finding edibles (Int)
Firebuilding (Dex)
First aid (Kno)
Fishing (Kno)
Fletcher (Dex)
Folklore (Kno)
Forensic (Kno)
Forgery (Dex)
Gambling (cheating) (Dex)
Gambling (lots of rules) (Kno)
Gem cutting (Dex)
Genealogy (Kno)
Geography (Kno)
Gluttony (T -3)
Goldsmith (Dex)
Gossip (Kno)
Greedy (T -3)
Guardian Angel (E +3)
Haggling (Psu)
Halberd (Agi)
Hallucinations (T -6)
Heat resistance (End)
Heraldry (Kno)
Herbalism (Kno)
Hiding (Int)
Hiding emotions (Cha)
History (Kno)
Hunting (Pcp)
Hybris (T -4)
Inept (T -2*)
Infamy (T +2*)
Information gathering (Cha)
Insulting (Int)
Interrogate (Psu)
Intimidate (Cha)
Intuition (Emp)
Investigate (Pcp)
Jealousy (T -3)
Jester (Cha)
Juggling (Dex)
Jumping (Agi)
Knitting (Dex)
Knots (Dex)
Language (Kno)
Law (Kno)
Leadership (Cha)
Leatherworking (Kno)
Legerdemain (Dex)
Librarian (Kno)
Light sleeper (Pcp)
Lip reading (Pcp)
Locate traps (Pcp)
Lock picking (Dex)
Locksmith (Dex)
Luck (T +10)
Lying (Psu)
Mace fighting (Agi)
Magic lore (Kno)
Manipulation (Psu)
Manual fishing (Ref)
Mapmaking (Pcp)
Marathon (End)
March (End)
Martial arts (Str)
Masonry (Kno)
Massage (Dex)
Mathematics (Int)
Medic (Kno)
Meditation (Wil)
Melee (Agi)
Memory (Kno)
Merchant (Psu)
Metalworking (Kno)
Migraine (T -2)
Mind over body (Wil)
Mining (Kno)
Mountaineering (Agi)
Musical instrument (Dex)
Musical knowledge (Kno)
Navigation (Kno)
Needs a lot of sleep (T -3)
Nightmares (T -1)
Nightvision (T +3)
Noble (T +3)
Noise mimicry (Dex)
Observation (Pcp)
Obsession (T -4 *)
Oration (Psu)
Pacifist (T -5)
Pain resistance (End)
Painting (Int)
Paranoia (T -3)
Parry (Dex)
Pathfinding (Pcp)
Philosophy (Int)
Phobia (T -2*)
Pickpocket (Dex)
Poetry (Int)
Poison brewing (Kno)
Poison identification (Kno)
Poor (really poor) (T -3)
Pottry (Dex)
Primitive (T -2 *)
Psychoanalyse (Emp)
Quarterstaff (Agi)
Quick draw (Ref)
Rapid healing (End)
Reading & writing (Kno)
Religion (Kno)
Repair (Int)
Reputation (T +/- *)
Research (Int)
Rich (T +10)
Riding (Emp)
Rituals (Kno)
Rock identification (Kno)
Running (End)
Sailing (Kno)
Science (Kno)
Seamanship (Kno)
Search (Pcp)
Secret (T -1*)
Seduction (Psu)
Sense of balance (Agi)
Sensitive to light (T -2)
Set snares (Dex)
Sewing (Dex)
Shadowing (Agi)
Shepherd (Kno)
Shield usage (Agi)
Sign language (Int)
Signal flags (Kno)
Singing (Cha)
Sixth sense (Emp)
Sleight of hand (Dex)
Smell (Pcp)
Sneaking (Agi)
Spear (Agi/Pcp)
Speech (Psu)
Spineless (T -5)
Sprinting (Agi)
Staff fighting(Agi)
Status (T +2*)
Storyteller (Psu)
Streetwise (Cha)
Stress resistance (Wil)
Survival (Kno)
Swimming (Str)
Swordplay (Agi)
Tactical (Int)
Tailor (Dex)
Taxation (Pcp)
Teaching (Psu)
Thrown weapons (Pcp)
Tightrope walking (Agi)
Tracking (Pcp)
Trader (Int)
Trailing (Agi)
Trance (Wil)
Trap location (Pcp)
Trivia (Kno)
Tunneling (Int)
Unarmed combat (Str)
Ventriloquism (Cha)
Vet (Kno)
Voice mimicry (Cha)
Wanted for a crime (T -4*)
Weaponsmith (Kno)
Weather prediction (Emp)
Weaving (Dex)
Weightlifting (Str)
Woodcarving (Dex)
Wrestling (Str)
Writing & reading (Kno)