This game is unique in that it parodizes all roleplaying games, including itself. With a death rate average of three deaths per player per session, and the entire rules chapter in the book marked off as optional, it is incredibly fun to play or master. The players are troubleshooters in the service of an insane computer, attempting to stop commies, mutants and other kinds of traitors from taking over the world as they know it. They have to distrust everyone, including their own teammates (who all happen to be mutants and in all sorts of secret societies, but will be shot when they admit to it). Equipped with all sorts of high-tech gadgets they can't even begin to understand (and which often fail to work in a spectacular way), naive as can be because any interesting or useful information is above their security clearance, and genetically engineered for stupidity, bootlicking and backstabbing or -shooting, these troubleshooters are sent out for the worst duties and live and die for their computer, happily (because happiness is mandatory, that is).
Paranoia is a registered trademark of West End Games, Inc.
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