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  • Jun 10: Our Patreon campaign is launched to support our future game design.
  • May 10: RPG Codex ranks Heroine's Quest as the 69th Best Computer RPG of all time!
  • May 5: Beer!, a collection of fast-paced minigames, has been released for the second AGS Bake Sale.
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Welcome to Crystal Shard

We are an indie game design group spread over several continents, producing quality retro games for over ten years, and since recently present on Steam as well. From adventure gaming to frantic action, and from complex puzzles to 4X world-conquering strategy, we have many hours of gameplay awaiting you here. Enjoy, and if you like it please come to our forum and tell us about it.

    -- Radiant

Latest releases

No troll in sight... for now! Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok

Explore the rich world of Nordic mythology as warrior, sorceress, or rogue, and stop the eternal winter sent by the Herald of Ragnarok!
Now available on Steam.

Adventure written by The Bard! Oceanspirit Danish

Shakespearean adventure! Avenge your father's death, play with the court mouse, and watch as most of Denmark dies in this parody of the classic Hamlet.

Are you thirsty yet? Beer!

Grab yourself a drink in this set of 33 rapid minigames that test your quick thinking and reflexes! Part of the second AGS Bake Sale bundle.

Under development

A small step for a mouse... Indiana Rodent II

The Mouse with the Hat returns in this stunning sequel to the platform game, to explore the legendary Temple of Edam!

Turn-based strategy. Leylines

In this epic fantasy 4X strategy game, conquer the world using your armies and powerful spells.

Featured game

A Tale of Two Kingdoms

An epic fairy tale adventure game. Save the beleaguered kingdom from goblins, faeries, and an evil sorcerer!

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