Frequently Asked Questions

These links may be useful to you:
Also, be sure to search the manual provided inside the game for possible answers. I.e. from the title screen, click the manual button.

• Problem: the game crashes (or otherwise behaves strangely)
First, from within Leylines, load the saved game 'autosave'. This should put you back before the bad stuff happened. Now, see if it happens again. Do NOT press end turn, or the autosave will be overwritten.
If it happens again, quit. Rename the autosave.ley file to something more descriptive (i.e. 'crash if scout moves north.ley') and mail it to me. That way I can fix the bug. Thank you.
If the bug doesn't appear again, well, just play on I guess. If you have a reasonable idea what happened, I'd be grateful if you mailed me the details. But vague messages like 'sometimes when I click on the map, the game hangs' are not helpful and will be ignored.

• Problem: task switching crashes the game
I'm fully aware of that. Unfortunately, microsof doesn't have a faq for what to do if a program seems to interfere with their task switcher, because they believe it to be infallible. In other words I haven't been able to fix the bug for lack of good documentation on the windows core. Sorry.

• Problem: the game is too slow
From the configure option, try setting details and hi-res to off, and try setting the gamespeed option way up. Also make sure you don't have another time-intensive application running in the background.
Under Linux, it may help if you reboot your X-Windows system in 16-bit mode rather than 24. Also you may want to try full screen mode instead of windowed mode; in this case, find the file 'leylines.ini' and change the line 'FullScn:0' in it to 'FullScn:1'.

• Problem: the display messes up
On some computers the screen may go blank when trying to start Leylines, or it may have a double or quadruple distorted image of the game screen. This should only happen on old monitors that do not support the resolution Leylines is trying to use. You should try setting the game to low resolution: double-click on your Leylines\Data\Leylines.ini file, find the line that reads 'HiRes:1' and change that to 'HiRes:0'. The minimum resolution is 800x600.

• Problem: the game is too difficult!
• Problem: unit [x] is useless or overpowered!
• Problem: why isn't there a spell that does [x]?
And similar stuff. Please post it to the message forum (there's a link at the top of this document) and discuss it there. I do read the forum myself. And some discussion with other players would probably be nice.

• Question: In the unit statistics screen, what's the skill name doing there next to the gold medal? (left column, fifth line)
The unit gains that skill once it reaches elite rank.

• Question: The various displays for research time do not take mana production into account.
Correct. This is because you may still use that mana for a spell. If it were added to the research-per-week indicator, then your research would suddenly go slower than expected if you were casting spells. And for many strategies it's a good idea to throw a lot of spells anyway.

• Question: Why can't I build a road in the place where an agriculturist is working?
Two workers interfere with each other. You should wait until the first is finished, or build the road in the next tile over.

• Question: From the on-line manual, magickal units cannot be affected by plague. Then how come the manual also reads you should plague a dragon and wait 'til it drops?
Dragons aren't in fact summoned creatures. The Dragon's Call spell lets you talk to a dragon, but it only agrees to do your bidding as long as you pay. A lot. Hence the upkeep of 50 gold, and the Fanatic trait.

• Question: What do gold mines, Leylines and monasteries do?
As long as you keep a unit camped (or on guard) on that spot, you will gain more resources each turn. Gold mines (and oyster beds) give you gold, Leylines give you mana, and monasteries give you research. Use the survey button to check this should you forget it. Oh, and you can't build a city on such a spot, and you can cast summoning spells onto Leylines as well as onto your own cities.

• Question: What exactly does the Spell of Holding do?
It prevents its victim from doing anything, until attacked. It also prevents that unit's first counterattack. Thus it works best when combined with other missile troops, such as archers or ballistae.

• Question: Why can't a Ballista (or other ranged unit) flee combat?
Fleeing is only possible after the initial missile fire is completed. That would be three rounds normally, five for long-ranged units.

• Question: How do I pass deserts without dying?
Building a road helps. Units with endurance skill are immune. Sending a healer along, or using the Mending spell, helps as well. The latter two also work against the plague that sometimes infects units in swamps.

Enjoy the game!
- Radiant