World of Darkness

In terms of setting, the World of Darkness is the best roleplaying system that I know of. The background is detailed, the adventures are exciting and enigmatic, and whatever happens is chillingly real. However, the part I don't like is the rules section. If you've ever tried a fight between a number of garou and/or kindred with celerity, you'll know what I mean if I say there's just too many dice rolls involved. Roll ten dice for attack, minus seven for dodging, then eight for damage minus four for soaking. Feel free to disagree, but for these reasons I decided that if I was going to be a storyteller in this world, I wanted a change in the rules to substantially decrease the number of dice rolls. And, since I had just written Simplex anyway, I thought I could combine the two. This is the result... I'd like some feedback on this to see if it actually works, and if there are any inclarities or wrong consequences in it.
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