These are a number of RPGs that I have little or no information over, or that are too small or not yet developed enough for any information to actually exist. You can always try mailing me but I won't know that much more than what's here, as I've never actually played them.

Aeon is a science fiction RPG created by the brother of a friend of mine, containing the mix of rules he likes best. I think they're playtesting now.
Exile is a futuristic game of outcasts from a science fiction world, based on White Wolf's Event Horizon
In Nomine has a number of strange religious views and allows you to play angel or devil in the eternal struggle.
Legacy is a combination of fantasy with spaceflight, not entirely related to Spelljammer, and with mostly new rules.
Marvellous is somebody's attempt at a superhero game with silly heroic powers.
M.E.R.P. or Middle Earth Role Playing is based on Tolkien's books and is supposedly really detailed (which, unfortunately, means real slow, too)