Archmage - Elfin Names and Spellcheckers

Adar: Adam, adore, elder, eater, odor, older, udder, adhere, odder, outer, outwear, radar, dairy
Anatim: anytime, onetime, napalm
Aroree: arouse, ardor, armory, awardee, rare, earner, archer (!!), error, aurora, errier, artery, artier
Barmek: barman, bare, barren
Barry: bare, bear, beer, beware, boor, boar, bury, buyer, barren, beard, barroom
Bearclaw: pearly (huh?)
Bethia: bathe, bestial (first choice!), petite, betray, behead
Blair: blare, bleary, blather, blab, blarney, lair, blare, blower, blur [no, I did *not* make these up! blame Microsoft for being the "Blair Basher," not me! :-) ]
Cheipar: caper, cheaper, copier, cheaper, cheddar, chewier, chipper
Chot: chow, clot, cad, cheat, caught, chewed, cowed, coyote, kid, chop, chat, coot, hot, chute, kuwait, KO, shout
[cuhtter]: counter, cutlet
[cuuter]: capture, chatter, chowder, coauthor, cuter, cheater, chapter
[cuutter]: sutures, scuttled
[daart]: adapt, Ada, data, dared, dearth, deride, dirt
[dahrt]: daft, dare, dark, darn, adhere
Dewshine: destined, testiness, design
Djun: dying, dynamo, June (surprise!), junk
[embur]: embryo, embark, embroil, empire, embargo, embrace, measure
Fahr: fair, fairy, Pharaoh, father, afar, affair, afire, far
Foxfur: foxfire, phosphor, foxier
Geoki: gawk, geek, gherkin, jerk, ego, zero
Gottara: gutter (first choice)
Greymung: grooming
Grommel: grumble, grimmer, grime, gravel, groomed, grope, grove
Joyleaf: joyless
Krim: crime, Christ, crisp, crumb, chrome
Kureel: cured, cureless, curable (you pick it, I guess...) quarrel, cereal, carryall, choral, corral, churl
Leetah: lethal (first choice! Really!), elephant (huh?)
Madcoil: macho (first choice!), mitchell
Moonshade: moonshine, noontides, monoxide, monkshood, moonward minced, munched, moonshot
[nitefall]: integral, nightclub, nighthawk, nightcap, nutshell
Newstar: nectar, newsstand
Nonna: Monday, monk, nanny, ninnie, none
Oblar: holier, broiler
Oddbit: oddity, outbid
Petalwing: bestowing (first choice!)
Picknose: pickle, pinecones
Pini: pain, pawn, peon, penny, pink, pins, piano, pun, pine, piano ("Richard" passed the spell checker without event,˙however...)
[pyke]: puke, pyre, bye, pierce, peace, peach, polka
Rainsong: raisin, wrangling, rinsing
Rayek: reawake, reach, reek, reich, rich, roach, rock, rook, wrack, wreak, rake, rhyme, arty, racket
Redlance: errancies
[readlance]: eradicate, rearrange, reactance, readable, realigned
Savah: save, savage, caveat, caviar, saga
Scouter: scatter, scooter, skitter, south
Shensen: shyness, cheese, sense, schemes, shine
Shushen: shushed
Skot: skeet, soot, scold, scotch, shoot
Skywise: schizo, squeeze, scows, skis
Strongbow: strongest, storing, strongbox
Suntop: sunup, suntan, shunt, sunny, suitor, sunspot, shutoff, south
Sur: sour, surf, sewer, sire, swear, soar
Tam: tao, team, tame, tire, tomb (Hmmm... I'm not sure...)
Tickletoe: tackled
Timmain: dimming, tympanic, ptomaine (!!)
Timmorn: dimming, timeworn
Toorah: Torah, door, thorn, torch
Treestump: threesome (this was the *only* choice it gave!)
[trestump]: truest (but "threesome" was still first˙choice!)
Twoey: throne, twenty
Tyldak: tiled, tidal
Tyleet: tireless, tiled, tailed, toiled, toilet, twilight, tallied, tilt
Ulm: lumpy, lunch, lull (??), elm
Urda: arty, awardee, USDA, urea, rude, urban
Vaya: fatal, fauna, vacate, vassel, vet, vow, vie, view
Vok: foe, vow, vouch, vodka, voice, void, foal, OK
Voll: vole, vile, vowel, vale, veal
Wendy: weedy (1st !), windy, wending, wheezy, wend, went, wound
Windkin: winking, wingding, wincing, wineskin
Winnowill: windchill, windmill, whippoorwill
Winnie: wane, won, winy, wino (but not "winner," at least...) winner (first choice!), wiener, wishing, whine, winces
Woodlock: wedlock, woodblock, woodchuck
Yun: eon, iowan, yawn, yen, aeon
Zantee: Santa, scathed, sanity

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