Dungeons & Dragons
(including Advanced, second and presumably third edition, and any and all campaign world settings)

This is the oldest and still most widely-played roleplaying game. Even most people that don't play RPGs at all have heard of it (even though it has a rather bad name among the more ignorant of those people). Its strong points are that it's relatively easy to use and that there's a LOT of sourcebooks available for it and its dozen campaign worlds - enough to fill an entire bookcase with, I believe. On the downside, it is unrealistic; for instance, you can take ten direct sword hits and remain standing or even run away at full speed. Also a lot of rules don't make any sense, such as skills (either you can't do something at all or you're awfully good at it) and the fact that it was designed with a dungeon-crawling setting in mind; for instance the invisibility spell lasts a full day in any non-combat setting, because the designers never figured it would be used in a city.
Providing an alternative for AD&D was one of my reasons for writing Simplex; therefore I've also wrote a small text on converting AD&D characters to my system, so that all of its many sourcebooks are still usable.
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