About Crystal Shard

We are an award winning indie game studio spread over several continents, producing quality retro games for over fifteen years.

From adventure gaming to frantic action, and from complex puzzles to 4X world-conquering strategy, we have many hours of gameplay awaiting you here. Enjoy, and spread the word!

    -- Radiant

Contact information

To discuss our games, ask for hints or assistance, or just say hello, please visit our forum.

If you are interested in working for us or translating one of our games, click here to send a message; please provide a link to samples of your work.

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Others about us

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Pieter Simoons is the founder of Crystal Shard and has done the design and programming of pretty much everything here. In his spare time, he's a business consultant. He reads way too many books, and enjoys traveling and singing.


Elissa is a chemical engineer living in Australia. She's the main artist for most of our games. Aside from computer art, she also makes paintings, plays music, and feeds the birds.


Corby is a very enigmatic person who is the lead artist for Heroine's Quest. Little else is known about this mysterious figure...


Dmitrii Zavorotny is a database programmer living in the United States. He has composed the music and done some of the art, mostly portraits, for Heroine's Quest. He enjoys hiking and urban development.


Gerben Dirksen is a PhD student of astrophysics. He lives in Germany, and is an avid Bridge player. He is one of the main level designers for SubTerra.


Vincent van der Goes is a PhD student of computer science. He lives in the Netherlands, and is an avid Go player. He is heavily involved in testing and balancing Leylines.


Vladislav Nachev is a biology student who alternates between living in Germany and doing research in exotic faraway countries. He's the main portrait artist for A Tale of Two Kingdoms.

Mortal Wombat

Marcel lives in the Netherlands, where he variously studies and takes cycling trips in the rain. He's the designer for Quest Fighter and QF2.


Nikolas Sideris is a Greek composer who resides in London. As a freelance composer, he has made most of the music for A Tale of Two Kingdoms, and helped with the voice pack for Larry Lotter.


Stuart Rynn lives in Australia. Starting as an avid SubTerra player, he ended up as one of the main level designers for SubTerra II.


Our mascot, a marsupilami. He lives with Radiant.